We will introduce Reypenaer Cheese Proud ambassador of ECT!

“We are participating at the ECT because we have a long term relation ship with the foodservice industry. Our wonderful matured cheeses are often seen on the menus in the gastronomy. Not only in the star rated restaurants, even in the hotels and catering industry, f.e. on the buffet, in the bar or as a dessert.

We are supporting the ECT because we want our heritage to be valued and shared even by the new generation of chefs. Not only in the Netherlands, but world wide. It is very important that we always keep wondering how a product is made and value the craftsmanship. This will make the product unique and tells us how a cheese develops his taste and texture. Not only important in the kitchen, but also in the restaurant. It is a great story to tell at your guests.

The Reypenaer team is looking forward to a great Culinary Trophy and hopes that both kitchen teams as restaurant teams are inspired to work with our cheeses in the menu of the ECT and later on in your own hotel. If we can provide you with any knowledge or information about our cheeses, please do not hesitate to contact us”.

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