The Wijngaard Cheese Family

The Wijngaard Cheese Family

Grandpa Piet started in 1936 with the trade in cheese, actually as a medium of exchange for the groceries who he provided to the farmers in the region of Woerden in the Netherlands, where he was paid by cheese. During that age, cheese got more and more important. The cheese was delivered by boat on the Old Rhine, where the old warehouse is situated alongside. Exclusively by many hands, the cheeses came on the shelves in the old warehouse.

His son Jan took over the company in 1946/47 and set out completely to the ripening process. The company developed slowly but steady. In the Netherlands the cheese was more and more appreciated. In 1975, the third generation showed up, with daughter Riet, son Jan and since 1995 son Rien.

The Wijngaard Cheese family has always set out to the ripening of cheeses for the gastronomy. Because it turned out very soon that the taste of the cheeses was extraordinary. Characterized by complete and complex flavours and creamy cheese. The old warehouse, together with the craftsmanship, hand down from father to son, played a leading role.

Even today it’s very important that the family and employees will be connected for a long while to the company, to make sure that the knowledge and experience for the ripening of the most beautiful cheeses remains kept. The time, the peace and the experience make the most beautiful cheeses.

 Historical Warehouse – the Secret

The Reypenaer is ripening in an old cheese warehouse that’s more than a century old and that’s build as a cheese warehouse. With walls of stone, floors and beams of wood, provided with hatchways, inside as well as outside the cheese warehouse. It has three floors and the stands are above each other for enough stableness. The warehouse is situated on the Old Rhine in Woerden in the Netherlands, whence in the early days the cheese was delivered by boat. The green heart of Woerden knew a lively trade in cheese because there were a lot of cheese farmers in the neighbourhood. Everything happened by hand.

Because we have discovered by Reypenaer that the development of taste and flavour in the old warehouse isn’t equal to those developed with modern techniques, we have kept the cheese warehouse as it is and do we cherish it. The cheeses with the most beautiful taste come from this warehouse.

The circumstances of the ripening process in the old warehouse are the secret. We let the nature play with the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The cheeses are ripening faster in higher temperatures and slowly in lower ones. The natural fluctuations give the complexity of the taste, by which the cheeses lose a lot of weight, but develop an extraordinary beautiful taste.

Together with the circumstances of the ripening process, the craftsmanship is at least just so important. It is the craftsmanship, based for decennia on practical experience, which the cheese master makes capable to lead the ripening process in such way that the desired taste can be developed in the most optimal way.

And then there is also the micro flora existing of bacteria and fungus, which have nested in the course of years in the wood of the shelves, beams and floors. These factors cannot be measured and we can’t build this effect on scientifically grounds, but we sure can taste the effect in the rich distinguished taste!

The Craftmanship

At Wijngaard Cheese we work with love and dedication towards the most beautiful development of the taste of our cheeses. We have a historical ripening warehouse of 1906 in Woerden in the Netherlands where our cheeses are ripening just like in the earlier days. In here, the cheeses are ripening slowly for a long time in an unique microclimate and natural changes in temperature and humidity. Every week the cheeses are turned around and rubbed by hand.

Our cheese is produced mainly of summer grass milk. Cows who eat fresh grass give softer and better milk. This gives the best tasting cheese.

At selected small-scaled cheese factories the curd will be put in drainage ditches where after the pasture go out slowly; with a lot of respect for the good elements of the milk. From this, the soft and distinguished taste will profit.

There is maximal respect for the natural micro-organism and enzymes when making the cheese, these are very important for the ripening process of the cheeses.

The Reypenaer tasting room

Tasting is believing. Reypenaer has an own Tasting Room in the centre of old Amsterdam, where you can personally test and evaluate the flavour, the aroma and the qualities of the Reypenaer cheeses, all under the guidance of an expert cheese taster. Each cheese tasting session lasts approximately one hour, and caters for a maximum of 20 people per tasting.

 Reypenaer Kaas.

Get inspired by the brands of 2Food

Get inspired by the brands of 2Food at European Culinary Trophy

2Food, a company who delivers quality in organic and natural food & drinks. A few years now, 2Food is a specialist in this segment. Our focus is on marketing our products with passion and care. Every time it is a challenge to surprise our consumers with new products and sustainable and healthy concepts.

With products of 2Food consumers can really enjoy their food or drink in a responsible way. For ten years now the organic and natural food and drinks are our target and we do not want to deviate from that concept.

Last but not least we think consumers will have a big range of organic and natural products in the year 2025. These products will be a good alternative against the offer of the big brands we all know. Because of this there will be a new standard of the behaviour about  food and drinks, which will give vitality to consumers who will live in a conscious way. We as 2Food think we can fulfil an innovative and directional role in this change in the marker of food and drinks.

Let’s begin with the star of the show: YOU

Panesco: “Let’s begin with the star of the show: YOU”


The chef who spends every day at the cutting edge.

You go through fire and water for each dish and every item that leaves your kitchen.

Every plate is a reflection of your talent, business and personality.



You give your customers that special experience,

The unexpected moment they have been longing for.

You provide them with rich and exquisite moments of pleasure.

You conjure up a smile on their faces and that smile fires you up to aim

For perfection again and again.



You want the dishes and products you offer to be unique in the market.

A change of food wets people’s appetites, so you change your menu regularly.

Your exciting, ever-changing menu is the argument you bring to the table

To keep those customers coming back.


Welcome to Wijnimport J.Bart!

We believe that providing excellent service is an essential part of our business. Our service consists of several branches, which all have their own Wijnimport J.Bart experts.

Our team of nine wine consultants, all with a high wine degree, which covers and provides service throughout the Netherlands. Our wine consultants are all members of the buying team and each member has his or her own area of expertise.
Providing excellent and reliable service is our priority. From the order to the delivery and providing customized wine advice, training and wine lists. There are many possibilities.

Wijnimport J. Bart supports several charities and provides trainings and company visits to Advanced Hospitality Colleges (e.g. Scheveningen), Regional Training Centres such as ROC Mondriaan in The Hague and ROC Amsterdam and the SVH (“Foundation for Hospitality Skills”) The support and transfer of knowledge to educational institutes are spearheads of Wijnimport J. Bart.

European Culinary Trophy is an event that applies very well to Wijnimport Bart. We are looking forward to see the talents on the 23rd of January!

Arla Nederland & European Culinary Trophy

A key feature of Arla policy is durability and transparency. Two highly topical themes within FS.
We believe our products, activities and growth should not only create value for the farmers who own Arla. They should also improve the lives of people, help our customers to grow, bring exciting opportunities to colleagues working here and contribute positively to society.

We want to grow our business. The Netherlands is a core market for Arla . Arla Foods Netherlands is number two in the Dutch fresh dairy market and has an important role in enabling to grow with fresh dairy products in Northern Europe.

The strength we have is the strength of our pragmatic approach to the market. We are still small in the Netherlands and therefore able to quickly respond to specific conditions and questions in the foodservice market.

We are open to constructive ideas and carry out good ideas. No meeting culture, just do it! At the same time we will benefit of Arla International concerning the portfolio, knowledge and expertise of the foodservice market.

PANESCOFOOD.COM the specialist of specialties!

PANESCOFOOD.COM is the specialist of specialties. We have achieved this by combining our craftsmanship with a detailed knowledge of local bakery products. For over 20 years PANESCOFOOD.COM has been searching for the best and most attractive local products from around Europe: authentic and artisanal products, innovative taste patterns and qualitative standard products.
The PANESCOFOOD.COM range is a treat for every consumption moment. A wide range for any situation: patisserie and cakes or appetizers for your parties, or bread as an addition to your standard offer. Part-baked, fully baked, pre-sliced or simply thaw and serve… It doesn’t get easier than this.
As part of La Lorraine Bakery Group, our products are used in many European countries. We want to bring the best flavors from different European regions together. We are proud that our products have found their way into the hotel sector.
Since three years we are ambassador for European Culinary Trophy because we like to support this kind of inspiring events. Where necessary we will help as inspiring and motivating partner.
We are very curious about the innovativeness and creativity of the participants of ECT 2016. We wish you all the very best for the competition.

Miedema-AGF proud ambassador of ECT!

We look forward to be present at the new edition of ECT 2016.

Our years of experience makes that we deliver every day institutional kitchens, restaurants and catering companies of fresh fruit, vegetables, local products and exclusive delicacies.

We listen very well to the chefs and advise them on a felxibele , qualitative and dynamic way about ( seasonal ) products. We have many initiatives that we’re working on. Just think for example of sustainability , organic & fair trade products .

During ECT is the kitchen of great value for us. Because the chefs and the talents transform our products in delicious dishes. This is extremely important to give the participants and public a good picture of the company Miedema.

Good luck with the preparation of ECT and we will see you 23rd of January at the Kookfabriek in Amsterdam!

DiGusti & The European Culinary Trophy

Our participation at the ECT is one of our first steps into the world of Foodservice. We currently sell our products to delicatess stores in the Netherlands. It is our passion to talk about the best from Italy. We want to inspire the kitchen teams with our pure and authentic products from Italy. Digusti has selected the best producers to work with and offers you all the best of Italy. Small-scale farming and the use of fresh ingredients ensure that unique and authentic flavour.

Our products will allow you to create the tastiest of meals and snacks in no time at all. This give the kitchen teams the opportunity to work with high quality products and to serve the best tasteful meal. Digusti offers a wide range of products, like the best Balsamico, Truffle, Tapenade, Authentic pasta, chutneys, olive oil and last but not least pure, natural Limoncello. All products can be used on the buffet or for preparation in a menu, as a starter, main course or dessert.

Digusti is looking forward to a great Culinary Trophy and hopes that both kitchen teams as restaurant teams get inspired to work with our wonderful delicacies. Not only at the cooking contest but also after the ECT in the hotels.

Let’s introduce Jutter Speijs for premium f&b concepts!

“Jutter Speijs collects delicious ingredients and combines this with smart and stylish packaging. The result is a range of truly authentic products which require less handling and have longer shelf lives. Our aim is to enrich the experience in the hospitality landscape while providing more revenue with less waste for our customers.
Currently there are few distinguishing products on the market and Jutter Speijs is out to change this with an assortment of quality ready-packed products.

We will be translating the ECT high-quality dishes into a concrete grab & go range that we can present to the hospitality industry. We would like to inspire the participants of ECT with our tasty & innovative new products.
During the event we will present our ready-made cheese- and chocolate fondue’s.

We are really looking forward to ECT and wish all the participants good luck!”

De Heeren Willems the total Non-food wholesaler!

“Dear participants of ECT, I would like to introduce De Heeren Willems to the participants of ECT:

De Heeren Willems is a total Non-food wholesaler. We specialize in innovation and presentation for the hospitality and institutional industry. Especially presentation concepts, crockery and glassware is one of our USP’s. We bring novelties at European level and secondly, one of the ways in which we could help by presenting your dishes. In a unique way to optimize your sales.

We are ambassador of ECT because we see the hospitality industry as a serious part of the gastronomic world. We can increase the success of the hotel kitchen and raise the appreciation of guests at an even higher level. That will be very important in a time of online reviews.
One of the great things in this competition is that service and kitchen form a team. To win, all you have to do is work together closely, this is exactly what we do as Maxivers partner.

We wish all the participants good luck! We would like to share our possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific requirements”.


Willian de Geus Director of De Heeren Willems (DHW) Non-food professionals