DiGusti & The European Culinary Trophy

Our participation at the ECT is one of our first steps into the world of Foodservice. We currently sell our products to delicatess stores in the Netherlands. It is our passion to talk about the best from Italy. We want to inspire the kitchen teams with our pure and authentic products from Italy. Digusti has selected the best producers to work with and offers you all the best of Italy. Small-scale farming and the use of fresh ingredients ensure that unique and authentic flavour.

Our products will allow you to create the tastiest of meals and snacks in no time at all. This give the kitchen teams the opportunity to work with high quality products and to serve the best tasteful meal. Digusti offers a wide range of products, like the best Balsamico, Truffle, Tapenade, Authentic pasta, chutneys, olive oil and last but not least pure, natural Limoncello. All products can be used on the buffet or for preparation in a menu, as a starter, main course or dessert.

Digusti is looking forward to a great Culinary Trophy and hopes that both kitchen teams as restaurant teams get inspired to work with our wonderful delicacies. Not only at the cooking contest but also after the ECT in the hotels.

Let’s introduce Jutter Speijs for premium f&b concepts!

“Jutter Speijs collects delicious ingredients and combines this with smart and stylish packaging. The result is a range of truly authentic products which require less handling and have longer shelf lives. Our aim is to enrich the experience in the hospitality landscape while providing more revenue with less waste for our customers.
Currently there are few distinguishing products on the market and Jutter Speijs is out to change this with an assortment of quality ready-packed products.

We will be translating the ECT high-quality dishes into a concrete grab & go range that we can present to the hospitality industry. We would like to inspire the participants of ECT with our tasty & innovative new products.
During the event we will present our ready-made cheese- and chocolate fondue’s.

We are really looking forward to ECT and wish all the participants good luck!”

De Heeren Willems the total Non-food wholesaler!

“Dear participants of ECT, I would like to introduce De Heeren Willems to the participants of ECT:

De Heeren Willems is a total Non-food wholesaler. We specialize in innovation and presentation for the hospitality and institutional industry. Especially presentation concepts, crockery and glassware is one of our USP’s. We bring novelties at European level and secondly, one of the ways in which we could help by presenting your dishes. In a unique way to optimize your sales.

We are ambassador of ECT because we see the hospitality industry as a serious part of the gastronomic world. We can increase the success of the hotel kitchen and raise the appreciation of guests at an even higher level. That will be very important in a time of online reviews.
One of the great things in this competition is that service and kitchen form a team. To win, all you have to do is work together closely, this is exactly what we do as Maxivers partner.

We wish all the participants good luck! We would like to share our possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific requirements”.


Willian de Geus Director of De Heeren Willems (DHW) Non-food professionals

We will introduce Reypenaer Cheese Proud ambassador of ECT!

“We are participating at the ECT because we have a long term relation ship with the foodservice industry. Our wonderful matured cheeses are often seen on the menus in the gastronomy. Not only in the star rated restaurants, even in the hotels and catering industry, f.e. on the buffet, in the bar or as a dessert.

We are supporting the ECT because we want our heritage to be valued and shared even by the new generation of chefs. Not only in the Netherlands, but world wide. It is very important that we always keep wondering how a product is made and value the craftsmanship. This will make the product unique and tells us how a cheese develops his taste and texture. Not only important in the kitchen, but also in the restaurant. It is a great story to tell at your guests.

The Reypenaer team is looking forward to a great Culinary Trophy and hopes that both kitchen teams as restaurant teams are inspired to work with our cheeses in the menu of the ECT and later on in your own hotel. If we can provide you with any knowledge or information about our cheeses, please do not hesitate to contact us”.

Invite 2 guests for the ECT lunch

Dear participants of the ECT competition ,

On Saturday 23rd of January 2016 start the battle for the European Culinary Trophy. It’s allowed to bring two guests per participating hotel for lunch. Lunch will be prepared at the table by the participating teams and served by the participating service teams.

When you would like to invite guests sign up the names and details of the guests ( including email and phone number ) before December 15th 2015 at the organization of ECT. Thank you in advance!

Holiday Inn Boelelaan
Perry van Dijk ( CP)
The Boelelaan 2
1083 HJ Amsterdam
+31 ( 0 ) 20 646 2300


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