Miedema-AGF proud ambassador of ECT!

We look forward to be present at the new edition of ECT 2016.

Our years of experience makes that we deliver every day institutional kitchens, restaurants and catering companies of fresh fruit, vegetables, local products and exclusive delicacies.

We listen very well to the chefs and advise them on a felxibele , qualitative and dynamic way about ( seasonal ) products. We have many initiatives that we’re working on. Just think for example of sustainability , organic & fair trade products .

During ECT is the kitchen of great value for us. Because the chefs and the talents transform our products in delicious dishes. This is extremely important to give the participants and public a good picture of the company Miedema.

Good luck with the preparation of ECT and we will see you 23rd of January at the Kookfabriek in Amsterdam!

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