‘Let’s Meat Bonne Viande’

How it all started: ‘Let’s Meat Bonne Viande’

Rob Toonen is the third generation in a butcher family, his grandfather and father were artisans and you could say; he’s born in the butchery. The butcher blood is running through his veins.

17 Years ago Rob started his own butchery, in the heart of Utrecht. Within five years the company grew so hard that the butchery become too small. “Bonne Viande moved to Eemnes and stay in Eemnes for more than ten years. The success will be continued and we make the third move to Amsterdam.

Sufficient care and expertise is applied, slaughter can be carried out in perfectly hygienic conditions. The slaughterhouse is only 20 meters away, around the corner, logistic very easy and we keep our quality under control. We can make our own selection especially for our customers. We have the possibility of choosing what we want: the race, the marbling of the meat
and the any special needs of the customer. We guarantee that quality that we promise and what we stand for.

The meat of Bonne Viande comes from Ireland, New – Zealand, Australia and Brazil, but mainly from the Netherlands. We deliver regional products. We supplying meat which is produced with a focus on animal welfare. this is an exceedingly important matter. We deliver meat with a star of the “better life” label.

We also have a 3 star full range of organic meat. Our customers can also take a look at the farm, see where the meat comes from. We organize special farm visit days, a great success.

We are also very honored to be ambassador of the ECT. See you next week!


Bonne Viande



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