De Heeren Willems the total Non-food wholesaler!

“Dear participants of ECT, I would like to introduce De Heeren Willems to the participants of ECT:

De Heeren Willems is a total Non-food wholesaler. We specialize in innovation and presentation for the hospitality and institutional industry. Especially presentation concepts, crockery and glassware is one of our USP’s. We bring novelties at European level and secondly, one of the ways in which we could help by presenting your dishes. In a unique way to optimize your sales.

We are ambassador of ECT because we see the hospitality industry as a serious part of the gastronomic world. We can increase the success of the hotel kitchen and raise the appreciation of guests at an even higher level. That will be very important in a time of online reviews.
One of the great things in this competition is that service and kitchen form a team. To win, all you have to do is work together closely, this is exactly what we do as Maxivers partner.

We wish all the participants good luck! We would like to share our possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific requirements”.


Willian de Geus Director of De Heeren Willems (DHW) Non-food professionals

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