Maxivers Kaas en Zuivel and your wishes

Maxivers Kaas en Zuivel and your wishes

Maxivers Kaas en Zuivel is a wholesaler specialist in cheese & dairy. By delivering quality and flexibility make us the ideal partner for the healthcare sector , professional and airline catering and the hospitality business. Our product knowledge and knowledge from the kitchen makes a great combination. The starting point is your wish and together with you we can quickly scan your assortment for new or alternative products.

Closely work together

As a committed and passionate partner we build on long- term relationships. We are more than just a supplier . We are committed to open communication and short lines : we support in tackling the problems and are always available for advice. We create strength : we are keeping a close eye on what happens in the foodbranche, market developments and technological innovations. Choosing for Maxivers Kaas en Zuivel is choosing a professional partner and continuity.

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